1) Why should I try products from candycloudskin?

- Our products contain carefully sought out ingredients that work wonders on all skin types. We use natural fruit and essential oils that help achieve a long-lasting natural fragrance without the need of harsh chemicals and artificial additives that could dry out and distress the skin.

2) What is the most popular product at candycloudskin?

- Currently our pumpkin cream sugar scrub is the biggest sell out. We sell the product limited edition for the autumn/winter period. It makes the perfect gift and it's packed with goodness such as pumpkin extract, jojoba oil, nutmeg, fennel and cloves. 

3) How often should I use the products in my skincare routine?

- We would recommend using our sugar scrubs and whipped body souffles 2-3 times a week. Exfoliation is very important to remove dead skin cells but should not be practiced too often. Infrequent use will help maintain the skin's natural moisture barriers.

4) Why should I exfoliate?

- Our skin renews itself on average every 28 days, but as we age this process slows down meaning that dead skin cells accumulate on the surface. Subsequently, we're left with dull, uneven skin tone which lacks natural radiance. No matter our skin type, exfoliation ensures a healthy, glowing complexion with even, unblocked pores. Our products are proven to improve the appearance of skin overtime with consistent and regular usage. 

5) Do you offer custom formulations of your products?

- If our customers prefer use to use/avoid certain ingredients then we would recommend contacting us before ordering from our website or Instagram shop. We are more than happy to customize and we have done this before in the past. We comply to this because our ethos is to create the best natural products on the market and to do this we will always put the customer's needs first. 

6) I love all your launches so far, how do I keep up with candycloudskin?

- We are so happy to hear that customers love our launches so far. Any product releases will be advertised and shown frequently on our Instagram page @candycloudskin. Please follow our account to hear all the latest news and offers. We are a PR friendly company so do not hesitate to contact us about collaborations. We will also post giveaways on our account so make sure to stay engaged!

7) I have a pre-existing skincare condition and I'm 3 months pregnant, shall I continue to use your products?

None of our products contain irritants and they are derived from natural ingredients only. However, we strongly suggest to anyone with a pre-existing skin condition, or anyone who is pregnant, to seek medical advice before using our products. Please see our policies section for more information. 

8) Are your products suitable for men? 

- Yes! We proudly advertise our products to both men and women. We are a unisex brand and do not discriminate when advertising anything we sell.

9) Are your products vegan friendly?

- Every product sold on candycloudskin is vegan friendly and cruelty free! None of our ingredients are made from farm produce and we are strongly against animal testing. 

10) Do you ship worldwide?

- Currently we are available to customers from the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland only. We are still a small business and we will consider shipping to further locations as and when the business grows. Please keep checking our website for updates and changes to our shipping policies.

11) What are you doing to reduce plastic waste?

- In the current global climate, it is vital that our company does everything it can to reduce plastic waste help recover our environment. We use recycled cardboard boxes for delivery and minimal plastic use as possible. All our PET jars can be reused and recycled in most recycling venues. 

12) What is the shelf-life of your products?

- Once opened, we recommend using our products within 3 months. We suggest this because many of our products contain natural fruit and other perishable ingredients. For our product to be used in the best way, we recommend taking note of the date opened (approx) and finishing the product within the time advised. 

Please note, if your question has not been answered, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form. If you follow @candycloudskin on Instagram, we aim to reply to all queries and process all orders within 48 hours. Thank you.